About Brummett Engines

Since 1955

Lou Brummett has been involved in boat racing since, well, forever!  He got his start in marathon racing.  He pulled Butch Peterson to a win in the Catalina Ski Races back in the early 60's.

Lou started off building Mandella hulls and ventured into marathon ski racing with this hull.  If you went to watch the marathon races back then, all you would see was Mandella hulls built by Lou Brummett!  You would also see lots of celebrates at the races back in those days; A.J. Foyt, Michael Regan just to name a few.

Louie Unser and Bud Gilbert were building the engines for these boats. These were primarily Ford powered boats.

Eventually, Lou's son Carson decided to run Chevy engines, and that's how Brummett Engines came into existence.